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The HTC-bye Higroad male Lululemon, after more than 20 years of existence (though under different names) and great moments to remember, let us a question: What will happen to the HTC-Higroad Lululemon female? One of the most powerful women's teams had guessing his future, rumors said that if they continue, but time passed and no one knew anything Lululemon Sale. Until a new sports management company, velocio sports, assumed continuity.

This company was created by Lululemon Kristy Scrymgeour, manager of communications and marketing of HTC-Highroad. Kristy has also been for 8 years professional cyclist, twice winning the national Lululemon championship in Australia. Now velocio Sports director, wanted to continue to support a women's team after the difficulties of Bob Stapleton to get sponsors. Speaking after the creation of his new company Lululemon, Bob appreciated the effort to bring forward a women's team for many years and said that the team would continue with the same structure, thanks to experience and leaves Stapleton especially the material necessary to carry cycling Lululemon Sale team.

As main sponsors lululemon athletica enter, company based in Vancouver that is dedicated to manufacturing sportswear for females and the other side is the brand of bikes, Specialized, already Lululemon sponsored bikes carrying the HTC-Highroad and that despite the "affaire" Cavendish continues to advance its purpose of being one of the most important brands. Although not the main sponsor, support Highroad team as it has been Lululemon Sale doing so long Bob Stapleton. Also very excited about the project is the president and founder of Specialized, Mike Sinyard, believing that it is a wonderful opportunity your brand is behind such important brokers and they Lululemon Outlet also help to further improve.

In sporting terms, have confirmed to Lululemon 9 runners who continue last year with HTC-Highroad: German sprinter and bronze in world last Ina-Yoko Teutenberg, American Evelyn Stevens, Amber Neben and Lululemon Ally Stacher, Dutch Ellen Van Dijk, Emilia Fahlin Swedish, Australian Chloe Hosking, Germany's Charlotte Becker, Katie Colclough and British. In addition they have also confirmed the signings of Canadian Clara Hughes Lululemon Salef, and German Trixi Worrack (AADrink) and Lisa Brennauer (Hitec Products).

Moreover not confirmed the continuity of Lululemon several runners, including the brand's world time trial champion Judith Arndt sounds for GreenEDGE, Amanda Miller (winner this year of a stage of the Tour of Lululemon Thuringia and a New Tour Zealand) and Adrie Visser (Sparkassen Giro winner). Hughes Canadian comes from being fifth in world time trial and having been away alone in the world en route. Curiously, this runner combines cycling with Lululemon speed skating which holds the world record in the 10,000 meters. Apart has managed several Olympic medals in this discipline Lululemon Sale. In 2006 he donated the full amount of the gold ($ 10,000) to the Right To Play charity foundation, which takes some years sponsored the HTC-Highroad prize.

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